Use any of our donation points, no appointment necessary

But please click to check current opening hours:

Rehome Repurpose, Castlefields, Stafford, ST161BQ

Ace Computers, 101 High Street, Newport, TF107AY‚Äč

The Little George,  1 Castle Street, Eccleshall, ST216DF

Household Waste Recycling Centre, Lichfield Road, Cannock, WS118NQ

Household Waste Recycling Centre, St. Albans Road, Stafford, ST163DR

Although we prefer complete and working gadgets, we'll accept items in any condition.

Please note - We're not physically based at any of the above addresses, our tech team all work from home.

It's very rare you'll catch us  at any of our donation points, without prior arrangement.

It's broken, does it matter?

Not at all, we have a small funding stream which we use to buy replacement or upgraded parts. We'll always replace damaged, dangerous or defective parts during our refurbishment process, for example laptop batteries and chargers, which are common failures.

Alternatively, we can use your device as a donor to repair other broken donations which might share the same chassis or architecture.

We'll try our hardest to repair everything we're given if it can be reused, but inevitably there will be items that are too far gone.  If all else fails, we work closely with a charity called EEE4 who will accept anything from us that's unviable to repair or salvage.



What happens to your data?

You are welcome to erase your device in advance for your own reassurance, but we'll carry out our own data removal anyway.

We adhere to a UK Government standard erase process known as "Infosec 5" for computer hard drives that we plan to reuse. Any that are too dated or failed are disassembled for precious metals and the remainder, including any platters or IC's, feels the wrath of an industrial shredder. For tablet devices we follow the manufacturer's factory reset procedure, repeating again if not already carried out once by the donor.

We don't need to log in to any of your accounts but we do ask that you remotely "unlink" or "disown" the device from any cloud accounts installed, through your cloud user interface. If you haven't, this won't stop us removing your data, but it will make it impossible to set up for a new user.

Please make sure you've taken any backups you need before you donate, because once it's gone, it's really gone, and we don't offer a retrieval service, nor will your information be recoverable by  interrogation of the erased drive by any other technician.

If you'd like a certificate  for the erase, please leave a note with your email address taped to your donation.


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