Free I.T. Stafford is a trustee managed and constituted, unincorporated non-profit community organisation, formed in January 2021.

We are a network of Stafford based electronics professionals, voluntarily offering our spare time, knowledge, and skills, to tackle e-waste and digital poverty in Staffordshire and beyond. 


We accept your donations of used, abused, and unwanted computer equipment so that it can be repaired and upgraded where necessary, and then fully serviced and electrically tested.

Once complete, we pass the equipment on for free, to families, schools, community groups, and many other neglected corners of society, where access to the equipment would otherwise be out of their financial reach.

We're creating new opportunities for people who have limited or no access to computers, and reducing the impact of e-waste on the planet.



We've rehomed almost 1500 internet ready devices so far, in 100 charities and 30 schools, where they could use the equipment themselves, or where they have identified an individual or family as being in digital poverty. 

That's 800 laptops, chromebooks and macbooks, 300 desktop PC's, iMacs and all-in-ones, and 150 tablets and iPads.

Who we've helped:

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